Many people ask me how I came up with the 
concept of Mystery Mixers.

It started out harmlessly enough.  Many years ago (​the 1980s) I was part of a small dinner group that played a little game designed for six or eight people.  We went to someone’s house and played a game where everybody played a character.  But there were only three mysteries in the box, and once we had done that, we were done.  I was a reporter at the Tampa Tribune at the time, and somebody said “Gee Tom, you’re a writer, why don’t you write us one?”

So I set out to write a mystery for 10 people, but I kept imagining new characters, so I ended up with 16 characters.   I decided to invite 16 friends, it was fun, and then I put it away and didn’t think about it anymore.  Six months later somebody said they had heard about my party, and asked if I could a party for their group of 20.  So I did, and then it just took off.  Soon groups of 30, 50, 80, 100 people or more were asking me for events.  And that is how a company called Murder for Hire was born, which today has morphed into Mystery Mixers.

I wrote all the scripts and did the parties on my own for more than 20 years.  From 2011-2014 I collaborated with John Dunn for some new scripts and tweaks to the old ones.

Murder for Hire eventually took on partners John Dunn and Patti Durrell but that didn't work out well, and so the company crashed in 2014.  I have sort of lost touch with Patti but John and I remain friends (we met when we were both young men as reporters at the Tampa Tribune.)  

After two years of taking time off to lick my wounds and delve into other ventures, I decided in 2016 to restart the company under the new moniker Mystery Mixers. (I am hoping the new name is more reflective of what we do, plus I hope it will mean I won't get so many calls for dinner theater - which is not what we do.) 

Mystery Mixers is essentially the same company as Murder for Hire, only now with a fresh start and no partners.  

Over the years, I have done teambuilding and corporate events for some of the largest employers in the Tampa Bay area and many of them were held at some of Florida’s most prestigious hotels and resorts, including the Don Cesar, Sheraton Sand Key and Wyndham Key West. 

The hundreds of characters I have created are my friends - I know them when they walk in the door at one of my events.  I am looking forward to meeting them again at future events.

I am looking forward to expanding Mystery Mixers into many other Southeastern markets during the upcoming year.  I am especially excited about introducing our tele-events for parties outside of Florida.

Next time somebody has a group that is looking for "something different" please have them contact me.

Tom Denham

Founder, Owner, Author

Mystery Mixers




Tom Denham

Founder, Owner, Author

Mystery Mingles

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Mystery Mixers

(formerly Murder for Hire)

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