Mystery Mixers -

ALL Your Guests 

ALL Play Parts!

Mystery Mixers Party Benefits:

 Teambuilding - This party eliminates the cliques that naturally develop at most company functions. It also forces team members to relate to each other as people instead of through job descriptions.

 Nobody Talks Business! – Everyone arrives in character….a Mystery Mixers party gives employees something new in common other than business (they all know the rock star, they are all pirates, etc.).

Spouses/Significant Others Love It! - This is the number one party of choice for spouses and significant others.  Since everyone attending is a character ...the attendees will want to chat with as many characters as  possible to gather clues and solve the mystery.

Birthday Parties, Wedding Rehearsal Dinners, Reunions or just for fun  - A Mystery Mixers party bridges the generation gap.  People that have different interests interact and have a blast doing it!