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Date of Contract:

_____________, hereafter referred to as the Host agrees to the following terms and conditions of this agreement with Mystery Mixers.

The subject of this contract is the following:

Name of Group:

Date of Event:                                      



Approximate Number of Guests:              

Doors Open Time:        

Opening Statement Time (usually 30 minutes after Doors Open):             

Fee:  (See Attached Fee Structure)


The host understands that all guests will portray a character. No audience is allowed.

The party is comprised of copyrighted and trade secret material and the Host shall not duplicate or disclose any materials provided by Murder For Hire except for the purposes of this agreement.

The Host will arrange with the venue for a six-foot table for the display and distribution of the characters nametags.  This table should be located in the entry area at the party location.  Please make sure this table is available a minimum of one half hour prior to Doors Open time.  Mystery Mixers will provide nametags.  No other nametags are permitted (We want guests to assume their characters and forget their real identity).

Mystery Mixers will bring a total of up to six actors who will be playing roles.  These people are provided by Mystery Mixers to stimulate interaction among guests and to serve as backups in case major characters do not show up. There is no additional charge for these actors, but they are to be treated as all other guests and receive the same food and drink arrangements.

It is the responsibility of the Host to emphasize to all guests that they arrive at or prior to the agreed upon “Opening Statement” time.  Guests that have been selected to play major characters must arrive at the party on time. The late arrival of major characters impacts the quality of the interaction that is vital to this type of party.  If a guest that was assigned a major character role has not arrived within 15 minutes of the agreed upon “Opening Statement” time the Host understands and agrees that Mystery Mixers may provide someone to play that character and a minor character role will be assigned to the late guest upon their arrival.

The Host shall indemnify Mystery Mixers, including attorney’s fees, for any cause of action arising from or related to the party.  In the event of any litigation regarding this event, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.

Mystery Mixers and/or the Host may take photographs/video at the party unless other arrangements are made in advance.  

 The undersigned has read, understands and agrees to this contract and by signing below certifies they are an authorized agent of the Host to engage in contractual agreements:


Signed: ______________________________________        Date: _______________

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Signed:  _______________________________________     Date: ________________

            Tom Denham, CEO, Mystery Mixers



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