Frequently Asked Questions 

I hate parties but I must attend.  What will I be forced to do?

The only thing we require is that everyone portrays a character - but the host can cast you in a very minor role or bit part.  The level of your participation is up to you.  If you want to stay in the background and watch the extroverts go at it, you can do that.  The only time you will be required to be in front of the group is to simply introduce yourself in character.  You will not be forced to be on stage or recite lines or do anything that will make you uncomfortable.  We tell you the history of your character – how you choose to play that character at the party is totally up to you. 

Our company has a lot of people who are not very outgoing.  Will this work for them?

You will be surprised.  At our parties, the guests are no longer accountants, researchers or computer programmers - now they are pirates, gangsters or rock and roll stars.  We have done our parties with a variety of types of groups and they have always “been into it.”  Frequently, guests are astonished because the person who never says a word in the office is the one who is the most outlandish.  (This is frequently because the creation of his character gives him/her a shield - it’s not him that is being outrageous, it is the character…)

Do I have to memorize a lot of stuff?
There are no scripts to memorize.  However, you will want to read your character summary in advance so you have plenty of time to think about it - particularly if you are a major character.  You can take it to the party and refer to it anytime you want, but you are not allowed to show the document to other players.

I am the host of the event.  Should I play a character?

Yes, everyone should play a character.  We recommend the host not assume a major role unless he/she has someone to help with drinks, food and the other aspects of hosting any typical event.

Should we have music?  Can we have a band or deejay?

Yes, absolutely.  We prefer music at the parties.  Our parties are very flexible, and we work very well with any type of additional entertainment, including bands and deejays.

Are there any prizes for anyone who solves the mystery?

Prizes are the responsibility of the host.  We don’t know how many people may get it right - 1 or 10 - so it is difficult to have a large prize for the person who guesses the killer.  We also do not want to encourage the killer to tell his friends he is the guilty party in advance so his friends can win an extravagant prize.  A better solution is to award prizes for best costume, best actor, most creative, etc.

How should we decorate for the event?

Our parties work well with or without decorations - but obviously, fun decorations help everybody get in the mood.  Contact us for suggestions.

Do we have to spend a lot of money on costumes?

Most people have the makings of a great costume in their closet.  Some people want to rent a costume or “accessorize” at a costume or party store.  The pirate party is pretty easy for people find something in their closet that will work.  The rock and roll party is also that way (while there are rock and roll bands in that party, there are also record label executives, band managers etc. that could dress in normal attire.)  The Roaring 20s party is probably the party where it is more likely that guests may go out and rent something at a party store.  
How does this qualify as a “teambuilding event?”

This will be the only event a company will ever have where nobody talks shop! Anytime you can get your team together for a few hours to have a good time and really not talk business, it is good for team morale.  Our parties are known for their constant laughter.  It is also an event that is appropriate and a lot of fun for spouses.  It breaks down the typical cliques that develop at most company functions where the same people always talk to the same people.  It dissolves company titles, and the boss doesn’t have to be the boss anymore and the new person doesn’t feel awkward - everybody in the same boat with something new in common.  It also breaks down age barriers.  It is great for morale and employees talk about the fun they had for a long time.   

Where do you have these parties?

 We have done these parties everywhere – country clubs, ships, private homes, resorts, hotels, restaurants, trains, pubs and even party buses.  Anywhere you can get your group together, we can do one of our parties.  About a third of our parties are done in private homes with a bring a dish from guests.

What happens if a major character suddenly becomes ill and can’t make the party?

 We have actors at each event who will take on those rolls should illness or an emergency prevent a major character from attending at the last minute.  If all the guests attend, our actors assume bit parts.

How large a party can you accommodate?

At the current time, our parties go up to 100 guests.  In the past, however, we have done up to 130.  We are working on a new concept where we could handle up to 200 guests.  Currently, most of our parties are between 35-75.   

Can you put inside jokes from our office into your themes?

Any changes to the script require an additional fee.  We can also write custom themes about your industry or company.  Please contact us for a proposal.

Our event will be a dinner.  How does that work?

We recommend food stations around the room or a buffet so guests are moving and mingling throughout the event.   We advise against a sit down dinner where people do not get up and move.

We have company awards to give out at our event.  How is that handled?

Since the guests arrive in character, we do the murder mystery first.  We can leave time after the mystery is solved for presentation of company awards so people can "break character."

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