Mystery Mixers - ALL Your Guests ALL Play Parts!


  • We do not do parties for less than 35 guests.

  • Fees are based upon the number of character summaries ordered by the host and delivered by Mystery Mixers, not the number of people who actually attend the event.

  • A non-refundable $100 booking fee is due at the time of booking.  

  • 50% of the total fee is due 7 days prior to the event.

  • All remaining fees are due at the event.  

  • Any unpaid fees are subject to a collection charge.

  • There are different types of fee structures depending upon how far the event will be from our home base in Clearwater, Florida.  


Local - Tampa Bay Area - This includes Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Sarasota Counties. Tampa Bay area parties are $20 per person for parties between 35 and 60 guests.  Senior citizen groups and nonprofit organizations are $15 per person. Guests #61 to #100 are billed at $10 per person.

Central Florida-  Up to Spring Hill to the North, Downtown Orlando (I-4) to the East, Englewood to the South.  $23 per person, with guests #61 to #100 are billed at $12 person.

Florida (not including Tampa Bay area, Central Florida, Panhandle, Miami and Key West) - Please call for rates.

Key West, Miami, Panhandle - Please call for rates.   

Out of State

There are two ways we can do out of state parties.  The first way is that the host can fly us to their event and we will handle it like our Florida parties.  Or, they can utilize our tele-events system where we work with the host long distance just like we would be at the event.  (See the website button "Tele-events" for more information on how they work. Tele-events are only offered outside of Florida.)

Out of State, We Come To Party - $1000 minimum that covers up to 50 guests, plus coach airfare for two to destination. Guests #51-#100 at $15 per person.  Compact car rental for two days paid in advance by host.  $200 for food/misc expenses plus overnight lodging for two rooms.

Out of State, Tele-events - Tele-events are only offered for a maximum of 60 guests and are only offered outside of Florida.  $20 per person for guests #1-#35.  Guest #36-#60 $10 per person.  Plus budget $150 for four local actors to attend event.