Mystery Mixers -

ALL Your Guests 

ALL Play Parts!

Our parties give hotels and resorts a way to keep their guests onsite instead of putting them on a bus and sending them somewhere else to spend their money.

All we ask is that hotel and resort meeting planners of groups between 35-100 give us the same promotions they give to other off-site events.  Tell your groups about us!  Maybe even put on your website that you do interactive mystery parties for groups ON-SITE.  

RESORT CASE STUDY - A very prominent Tampa Bay area resort had a group of 80 people coming to their resort for a week.  When they met with the resort's meeting planner, they told her that they wanted an opening event at the resort on Monday, and a closing event on Friday.  What else could the meeting planner recommend for the group to do the rest of the week?

So the meeting planner told them they could put their group on a bus and take them to many different venues, including the entertainment district in Ybor City.

But this was a group which had been to the resort many times and was looking for "something different" than what it had done before.

The meeting planner then presented our concept, which would be done at the resort on Thursday night.  The group loved it!

The resort ended up with 80 guests in the ballroom, with a dinner buffet and three-hour bar, netting the hotel more than $3,000!


You tell your guests about all the wonderful things they can do in the area that don't make your resort a dime.  Why not at least give them "something different" to do at your resort that will add to your profit margins for events?

Please contact us and let us make a 15-minute presentation to your meeting planners.

And don't forget we will be happy to do a free party as a teambuilding activity for your resort staff!