Mystery Mixers -

ALL Your Guests 

ALL Play Parts!


1.  Select a theme  - Pirate, Rock n Roll, Roaring 20s, Soap Opera, Science Fiction and Holiday Party.  See the Themes Tab for more information.  A Western and a Toga Party are coming soon.

2. Tell us the approximate number of guests and the male/female ratio
. We will give you a character list that matches that ratio and includes brief details about each character - including if they are a major, minor or extra character. 

3.  Assign the Parts or Let Guests Pick Them.
  Extroverts should be assigned major roles, introverts should get bit parts. 

3.  Character summaries are distributed.  Once the parts have been selected, we will distribute to you or to each player the character summary 10 days - 2 weeks prior to the event.  These character summaries tell the players who their character is, what their character knows and if they are the killer, how they did the crime.  But it does not tell them how to act or what to say - that is up to them. Nobody is forced to do anything other than to be their character based on the history they were given in advance.

4. Come to the party and have a ball!
  All the parties are written so the characters are coming to a party - for example, at the Rock and Roll Party it is the backstage party for a rock star.  So the guests arrive just like any other party.  There is nothing extra for the host to do.