Mystery Mixers - ALL Your Guests ALL Play Parts!

This page has photos from the rock and roll, pirate, science fiction and roaring 20s parties.

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 Prince Chip (the foremost Geek in the Galaxy) with Princess Airhead.  This a match truly made in heaven.

ARRGH!!!  Me looking for my Dubloons!


 Baron Badbuns, who resides on Planet Baddonia where everything is bad, arrives at the party for the Intergalactic Peace Treaty.

(Above photo) Backstage with the rock band and their manager.

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The Queen of Planet Canhead (where everybody worships cans) and her royal court have discovered something!

An interview (above) with poor Sister Lois, who doesn't get out much.  She is a bookkeeper who found herself backstage at a rock and roll party.  She is shocked, just shocked!