Mystery Mixers -

ALL Your Guests 

ALL Play Parts!

Our parties are a bonding experience for the families of the bride and groom!

So you are planning your rehearsal dinner and you really would like the two families to get to know each other.

Everyone's "label" at a typical rehearsal dinner relates to how they know the bride and groom.  They introduce themselves as the bride's sister or the groom's best friend.  That is their "label."  But after that small talk,  dinner is served, everybody exchanges a few words and that is about it.  Wouldn't you rather do something fun?

At Mystery Mixers, the first thing we do is give the guests a new "label" for the event.  For example, if you select our pirate theme, the father of the bride might be Captain Johnny Black.  And the father of the groom is now his first mate.  The bride's girl pals all have their own ship under Captain Bloody Mary McGregor. 

They learn in advance what pirate they will be.  Instead of a rehearsal dinner, they are all going to Happy Island (which is a trading hub for pirates).  So the room is made up as a tropical island.  It is not a sit-down dinner, but a buffet or maybe food stations, so people can mix and mingle and meet new people.  Add alcohol.  Mix and wait 30 minutes.

By the end of the event, the bride's guests are no longer strangers to the groom's guests.  They are fellow pirates!

As for the shy and more reserved people coming to the event, we can just give them a bit part.  Everybody is involved, everybody gets a new label, and the entire group has bonded with each other. (We even have parts for a few kids, but  babysitters are encouraged since this is basically an adult event.)

This will make the wedding reception so much more fun!  You will no longer have two entirely separate groups of people attending the wedding festivities. You have one group that knows each other as fellow partiers!

(Once the mystery party is over, then we hand the microphone over to the wedding organizers and they can go over the technical aspects of the wedding as far as who stands where, etc.)

What would you rather go to at your next rehearsal dinner?  A boring sit down dinner or a pirate party???  Or science fiction party?  Or soap opera?