Mystery Mixers - ALL Your Guests ALL Play Parts!

So You Don't Live in Florida

and Your Budget Won't Allow You 

‚Äčto Fly Us To You?

Do one of our Tele-Events!

Everything about our parties stays the same except we are there via Skype instead of in person.  We stay on Skype with you throughout the event in case there are any issues that need to be addressed.

This means that the venue needs to be somewhere with computer access.  If it is in a private home, you can just set it up in the bedroom.  You don't have to stay there with us, but you can check in throughout the event to let us know how it is going.

We walk you through the event just as though we are there.

You do need to find an emcee for the event - somebody who is outgoing and you could picture hosting a game show.

We will help you find a few local actors to act as backups in case a major character is a last minute no show.

Tele Events are only available outside of Florida and have a maximum number of 60 guests.  See the fee schedule under the Fees Tab.